What is skinimalism?

The days of long-winded skincare routines and 12 layers of makeup are gone… well, according to 2021’s latest beauty trend 'skinimalism'. Most of us have been under the impression that the more serums and products that we apply to our skin, the better our skin will look. However, nothing is good for us in excess and nobody is lusting after irritated, red skin (especially after the year we’ve all had!)

We are constantly bombarded with information and new innovations, which honestly leaves most of us confused and often results in buying too many products. Although having an aesthetically pleasing bathroom shelf may bring satisfaction, you’ll probably find that your skin will thank you for adopting the ‘less is more’ way of thinking. 

Skinimalism essentially means taking a few steps back and applying a minimalist mindset to what we put on our face to allow our real skin to shine through. It also means committing to a more sustainable approach, making you think about your purchases and cutting down on your consumption - all whilst saving money! What’s not to love?

We’ve chosen some staple picks to help you on your skinimalist journey:

Studio Botanic Hydrating Serum 30ml - £50

Symbiosis Zinc Tocopherol Purifying Redensifying Cleansing Gel - £77

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser 50ml - £24

Cosmydor C/4 Hydrating Facial Scrub with Pink Clay & Almond Powder 50ml - £44


Tamaar London Advanced Natural Sebum Balancing Face Oil - £54