Why you should use matcha green tea in your skincare routine

You may have heard that drinking green tea is good for your skin. And you’d be absolutely right to believe so! If you want to know more about this powerful ingredient and why everyone is talking about it, then read on…

Matcha green tea is a finely ground powder that comes from green tea leaves, and is commonly grown in Japan where it has historically been used for tea ceremonies since the 12th century. Matcha tea and green tea are both derived from the same plant, but they are cultivated and processed differently. Matcha is never heated and its minimal processing means that its nutrient content is better preserved than other teas. 

There are many benefits to consuming matcha tea leaves in their purest form, such as boosting the immune system, improving heart health and even reducing the risk of some cancers. These reasons alone prove themselves worthwhile, however including matcha green tea based products to your skincare routine has the added benefit of giving us a healthy looking complexion.

Whether you’re looking for an acne cream or an anti-ageing serum, matcha is an all-around great natural alternative thanks to its numerous antioxidant and beneficial plant compounds. Its vibrant green colour is due to its high amount of chlorophyll; this particular plant compound can help to protect the skin from sun damage and reduce any visible signs of ageing, as well as shielding it from impurities and toxic chemicals in the environment that may clog pores.

Matcha also has the ability to reduce inflammation, redness and dark under-eye circles because of its high vitamin K content (a vitamin that promotes better blood circulation). Matcha is an extremely rich source of antioxidants, meaning that it can help soothe any of the above complaints. It has also been used to treat skin problems such as eczema. Some may like to think of matcha as the highly concentrated, vitamin-packed powerhouse alternative to green tea. 

EGCG is another important compound found in matcha as it has great antibacterial and antibiotic properties that help with acne prone skin. As well as its benefits for blemishes, this antioxidant promotes smoother and more supple skin due to its ability to rejuvenate cells and support skin structure.

If you’re looking for a cleanser containing matcha green tea, then it’s definitely worth taking a look at ByKO’s Prebiotic Phytoactive Cleanser. This hydrating and gentle cleanser deeply cleanses whilst supporting the skin microbiota. ByKO’s innovative and fresh formula maintains skin integrity, and organic emblica extract brightens the complexion. Also containing aloe vera and green tea matcha extract, this product works to soothe and hydrate the skin. This is a gel cleanser that forms a very light milky foam to cleanse the skin without drying it out. This product is gentle enough to be used both morning and evening, and has a natural refreshing scent. 

Alternatively, you might be struggling to reduce the signs of tiredness around the eyes. If so, then The Eye Balm by The Gruff Stuff could be a perfect addition to your bathroom cabinet! This product is a blend of persian tree extract, australian plums and matcha green tea, meaning that it is deeply moisturising, detoxifying and rich in vitamins A, C & E. This eye balm stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid and boosts cell regeneration for a younger looking appearance. An additional extract of liquorice root helps to reduce pigmentation and brightens the under eye area. This product is suitable for sensitive skin, too.

So not only is matcha a delicious drink, but it’s a great boost for your health, and also an ingredient for beauty products! How do you feel about this magical green powder? Will you be adding it to your skincare routine?