Everything you need to know about Vitamin E

Dry, dull, tired, looking skin… concerns that we are all familiar with, especially in the winter months. If you envy those who always seem to have ‘healthy', 'radiant' and 'glowy' skin, envy no more as we've got the secret for you! 

Introducing Vitamin E!

Vitamin E is not a single vitamin, but a group of fat-soluble vitamins that are absorbed by the body. This super vitamin is also a powerhouse antioxidant and moisturiser. Additionally, it helps to protect the eyes, strengthens the immune system and can support nail health.

A wide variety of foods contain vitamin E to include nuts and seeds, cereal, bell peppers, pumpkin, avocado, mango and asparagus. Introducing these foods into your diet could help to fight inflammation as well as slow down the effects of free radicals.

Vitamin E is found in many moisturisers and can be used to treat dry, flaky skin. It also promotes the healing of wounds and can help to reduce itchiness. The super group of vitamins has also been suggested to minimise the appearance of scars and fine lines - pretty amazing, right? 

If you’ve read the above and want to include a vitamin E based skincare product in your skincare routine, we’ve got plenty to choose from at Level 7 Beauty Hall! We highly recommend the L’Organiq Vitamin Boost Facial Serum. This product contains vitamins A, C and E to help boost and tone the skin's structure through all three layers, making it perfect for use under moisturiser.

If it’s a cleanser that you’re searching for, then the Farryn Amber Brightening Cleanser might just be it! This incredible formulation is made up of a gentle blend of soothing aloe vera and natural fruit enzymes derived from papaya seed extract that thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates without drying the skin or stripping its natural oils. This product also contains prickly pear oil, which carries high levels of vitamin E.

We also suggest using the Ultra Protective Lip and Hand Balm by our brand of the month, Husk & Seed. This balm is made from a blend of Illipe, Apricot and Murumuru butters which are rich in vitamin E. It works to hydrate cracked or chapped lips and hands, and protects the skin against moisture loss. All Husk & Seed products are handmade in the UK by their small team and only contain sustainably sourced, vegan ingredients. Tip - if you mix this balm with a little brown sugar, it will create an exfoliating sugar scrub!

If you want to see the full list of products that we stock containing vitamin E, then click here.