Ingredient Focus: Coffee

Did you know that coffee is good for your skin, not just your energy levels? Yep! Coffee has many great benefits:

  1. Coffee is rich in antioxidants and can help fight skin damage when applied topically (directly onto the skin). 
  2. Can aid in cellulite reduction due to caffeine content. This is because it dilates blood vessels beneath the skin and improves overall blood flow. This also applies to dark under eye circles, therefore can be used to treat stubborn pigmentation.
  3. It can help to decrease sun spots, redness and fine lines.
  4. It is rich in Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacin). According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Vitamin B3 can help fight skin cancers.
  5. Coffee can be used to treat acne as it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If used correctly, it can help heal any wounds and skin infections, too.
  6. If you are sun-burnt, coffee mixed with water can also be applied to the skin to soothe it.

Level 7 products that contain coffee:

Grums Aarhus - Raw espresso face scrub and mask

  • 2 in 1 scrub and mask with upcycled coffee grounds 
  • Nourish and protect skin with castor oil, beeswax, macadamia nut oil and shea butter 
  • Great for dry and regular skin

Cosmydor - Unifying serum with coffee bean powder

  • Provides tightening and unifying effect 
  • Fights against the ageing process and helps to illuminate and unify the skin.

Grums Aarhus - Hand scrub

  • Buffs away dry and dead skin cells 
  • Wash hands and scrub off stubborn dirt 

Grums Aarhus - Hydra calm face serum

  • Supports healthy skin 
  • Soothing and protective antioxidant properties from upcycled coffee ground extract 
  • Added Hyaluronic acid and glycerin 
  • Strengthens skin barrier function 
  • Reduces moisture loss

Grums Aarhus - Raw coffee body scrub

  • Made with a blend of upcycled coffee grounds and pure natural ingredients. 
  • Deep but mild exfoliation treatment leaving skin clean, soft and hydrated. 
  • Great for dry and regular skin types.