ByKO - Bioferment Renewal Mask 75ml


Revitalise dull and tired skin with this powerful enzyme mask. A blend of oat, raspberry and pomegranate, supercharged through natural fermentation, exfoliates the skin and brightens the complexion. Activated charcoal and willow bark extract deeply purifies and smoothes the skin.

Can be used as a cleanser or mask in your PM routine. Adjust application time according to skin type. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Adjust time accordingly to skin need and tolerance. Start the treatment with 1-2 minutes. For tolerate, rough skin - up to 5-10 minutes is maxium treatment time. Use 1-2 weekly. This treatment mask can also be used as a deep cleansing cream - Massage 1 minute in the evening, as your second cleanse, then rinse.