DilmaHerbals - Aahana Light Moisturising Cream


96.13% natural or naturally derived

9 herbal extracts and natural oils

Aahana is a word of Indian origin meaning “First Rays Of The Sun”, the beauty of the morning. This light moisturiser is infused with 9 different natural herbs and skin friendly oils to create an extremely lightweight cream which absorbs quickly into the skin.

This specially formulated cream includes:

  • White Water Lily extracts soothe skin after exposure to UV heat and environmental stress
  • Shea Butter, considered one of the best anti-ageing agents for the skin
  • Argan oil, high in Vitamin E hydrating the skin
  • Vitamin C & E rich Aloe extract which helps improve the skin’s natural firmness whilst acting as a great moisturiser
  • Lavender essential oil fights dry skin, and also helps promote calmness and wellness, reducing stress and anxiety

These natural actives, along with 4 others deeply hydrates, soothes and fights against premature signs of ageing. As with all the creams in the range, essential oils have been used instead of synthetic fragrances.