DilmaHerbals - Aahana Rich Moisturising Cream


97.59% natural or naturally derived

11 herbal extracts and natural oils

Aahana is a word of Indian origin meaning “First Rays Of The Sun”, the beauty of the morning. This luxuriously rich moisturising cream absorbs quickly, moisturises deep into the skin, and keeps complexion looking youthful and vibrant. The uniquely designed formulae includes 11 different natural actives, sourced from locations across India, and has been perfectly blended together to produce a cream which breathes life back into your skin.

This specially formulated cream includes:

  • White Water Lily extracts to soothe skin after exposure to UV heat and environmental stress
  • Vitamins B & E rich Jojoba oil provides long-lasting moisturisation
  • Shea Butter, considered one of the best anti-ageing agents for the skin
  • Vitamin C & E rich Aloe extract which helps improve the skin’s natural firmness whilst acting as a great moisturiser
  • Skin-friendly Coconut and Argan oils all blend together to keep the skin healthy and hydrated
  • Lavender essential oil fights dry skin, and also helps promote calmness and wellness, reducing stress and anxiety

These natural actives, along with 4 others deeply hydrates, soothes and fights against premature signs of ageing. As with all the creams in the Dilmaherbals range, essential oils have been used instead of synthetic fragrances.