No Ordinary

NO ORDINARY - Balance - Shampoo with Argan Oil, Lavender & Mandarin - For All Hair types 250ml


The robust and gentle crackle of an open fire gives confidence and warmth. The log cabin provides safety and reassurance and the smell of a scented candle mixes with the mountain air.  Imagine a conditioner so thoughtful it cares for you and the whole family. Together the balance range are the pillars, they are the representation of strong values. For all.Argan Oil, Mandarin & Lavender shampoo made in the UK 

  • For sensitive skin, ideal for scalp conditions also.

  • For the whole family, take care of the whole families hair care needs, safely.

  • Balances not only your hair but your mind with its aromatherapy grade essential oils.

  • Maintains and encourages healthy levels of natural oils to help condition and protect your hair.

  • Stimulates natural hair growth.

  • Plant based which is better for us, our planet and animals alike.

  • Reduce dry skin/dandruff.