YA.BE - Breast Firming Serum


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A beauty ally useful both for preventing the effects of time and for maintenance, this breast firming serum has been formulated with a light texture with a fresh and silky touch and uses different complexes of natural active ingredients that act on several fronts to improve the elasticity and enhance the beauty of your breast.

There are precious active ingredients such as ivy, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid  to maintain the ideal level of hydration, skin elasticity and density,.

A complex of active ingredients such as lysine, carnitine, sundew and carrageenan act to prevent sagging skin stimulating the production of collagen and having slimming and toning properties.

This area of ​​the body, so important and delicate, requires special attention because the skin tissue that covers the breast has the function of container-support: it is important to safeguard it with a breast firming cream capable of acting to keep it toned, firm and elastic, highlighting its charm and compactness. Too often, breast tone is severely challenged by the natural sagging of the skin’s muscle tone, also caused by weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Suitable for: Women, all type of skin

Product: Breast Firming Serum (40ml)

Podcast: A collection of podcasts available for you to choose what is best for you now, in this moment.

Main ingredients: lysine, carnitine, sundew, carrageenan, ivy, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Allergy free.

INGREDIENTS: aqua, glycerin, lysine hydrochloride, carnitine hcl, hydrolyzed drosera ramentacea leaf, hedera helix extract, sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, tocopheryl acetate, urea, carrageenan, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, citric acid, potassium sorbate, alcohol, parfum

DIRECTIONS: Spread the product on the décolleté, to make the effect of the breast firming cream even more efficient it is necessary to use it constantly and combine it with delicate and specific massages on the breast with continuous and circular movements: spread from the lower part of the breast to the neckline with circular movements until completely absorbed.

While you dedicate yourself to your skincare routine you can listen to one of the Podcasts of the Mindfulness collections at your disposal and combine the benefits of the cream with the stimulating ones of the mind, choose what is best for you right just now, right now.

WARNINGS: The breast firming serum is for external use and should not be applied to skin that has rashes, redness and cracking, so it is necessary not to bring the product into contact with the eyes. Do not expose it to the sun, keep it away from heat sources and the reach of children