YA.BE - Feel Ready, Feel Glowy Face Mask


Illuminating and Regenerating Face Mask
includes a collection of Mindfulness Podcast

Regenerate your skin and give it radiance with our moisturizing and illuminating “Feel Ready, Feel Glowy” face mask, a real pampering for the skin to dedicate to yourself whenever you want. The delicate texture of this beauty face mask completely natural is given by its unique formulation obtained from the purest extracts of tomato, carrot and  licorice.

This nourishing, illuminating and regenerating face mask is suitable for both oily and dry skin of women and men.

As every YA.BE product, it contains a dedicated Mindfulness Podcast.

Suitable for: Any gender, all type of skin

Product: face mask (25ml)

Podcast: 1 podcast, 15 minutes duration, dedicated to self-expression.

Main ingredients: tomato, carrot, apple.

INGREDIENTS: Daucus carota juice; inulin; ascorbic acid; Daucus carota extract; Solanum Lycopersicum Extract; Glycerin; Aqua; Alcohol, Xanthan gum, Phenethyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol.

DIRECTIONS: The natural face mask is one of those cosmetic products that are a must in the beauty routine of every woman or man because it represents a real cure-all for the skin to be repeated frequently.

To get the most out of this treatment, we recommend taking a short break within the week, just 15 minutes is enough. While applying the mask, relax and enjoy the dedicated Mindfulness  Podcast that we make available with each of our products, the audio content will help you become more and more aware of your beauty and your potential. Apply generously to face and neck, leave for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and gently pat with a towel without rubbing the skin.

WARNINGS: Keep the product away from heat sources and out of the reach of children. Also remember not to expose it directly to the sun’s rays. As it has been designed for external use only, do not put the face mask in contact with the eyes and avoid applying it in case of irritated skin with rash, redness and cracking. Your health is important to us.