Nicmac Beauty

Nicmac Beauty - Four Piece Face Essentials


All you’ll ever need… except pizza.

  • Full Bodied Foundation Brush

    I am fully loaded with super soft synthetic bristles designed to apply your foundation flawlessly for an airbrushed finish.

  • Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush

    I am made of super soft synthetic bristles and a wooden pink painted handle. Asymmetrically cut to hug your jaw and cheek bones and take your highlight or bronzer to the next level. I’m also great at contouring!

  • Tapered Powder Brush

    I am made with super soft, carefully tapered synthetic bristles to pick up your powder with ease. Use me with your favourite powder for a filtered finish to your makeup looks.

  • Buffing Concealer Brush

    My super soft synthetic bristles are cut into the perfect flat top shape to blur your liquid or cream concealer effortlessly. Buff away dark circles or apply directly onto blemishes for a flawless and natural-looking makeup finish.

We are all vegan & of course animal cruelty free.

*Saving £8 if bought seperately.