DilmaHerbals - Naira Under Eye Cream


97.62% natural or naturally derived

13 herbal extracts and natural oils

Naira is a word of Indian origin meaning “Beautiful Eyes”. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and tends to be the first to show visible signs of tiredness, stress as well as ageing. To help to combat this, we’ve created a cream that infuses 13 different herbal extracts and natural oils. The result? A beautifully smooth, creamy and easily absorbable cream. The process of reducing dark circles, puffiness and bags can be lengthy, therefore we have used a combination of ingredients that not only deliver short term instant results but also work in the background to provide longer-term results.

This cream contains:

  • Collagen boosting Amla extract
  • Almond oil, highly effective in combatting dark circles and bags
  • Vitamins A, B and E rich Quinoa extract
  • Licorice extract, perfect for hydrating sensitive skin areas

This luxurious blend of herbs and oils along with 9 others is a dedication to promoting the beauty of the eyes. Due to the sensitive area around the eyes, this cream has been kept fragrance free.