No Ordinary

NO ORDINARY - Revive - Body Lotion with Aloe Vera, Petitgrain & Coriander - for all skin types 250ml


Take the mood boosting qualities of Pettigrain with you throughout the day with this lightweight body lotion specially formulated to give maximum hydration without feeling like you are wearing anything. Leaving your body feeling revived and hydrated. Take care of your mind and body and the rest simply fits into place.

Aloe Vera, Pettigrain & Coriander for all skin types

  • With natural vitamin E to help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by the sun.
  • Free from SLS, Parabens, no animal extracts or synthetic fragrances and colours to further limit you from chemical exposure.
  • Lifts your mood and spirit to start or end the day right. 
  • Coriander acts as a natural deodorant to protect from body odour, naturally.
  • Feel hydrated with its lightweight formula that easy to apply and absorbs quickly.Bo