Voir Haircare

Voir Haircare - Rhythm of the rain CALMING GLACIAL LEAVE-IN SCALP SERUM


What I Am:

The perfect “I swiped right” tale you’ve been looking for in the quest for your hair’s perfect match— finally a detoxifying, zero irritation, no drama serum that enjoys a quiet night in deeply purifying and strengthening your strands (I’ll even let you pick the first rom-com).

Why You’ll Love Me:

  • My Oceanic Clay is only found in the Northern Pacific Coast of Canada, and has over 60 natural minerals and rare earth elements that cleanse, reduce sebum secretion, and restore hydration for strong, smooth hair. Even though I’m a leave-in serum, I’m not clingy! I’m lightweight and calming to an itchy scalp, and remove build-up and prevent dryness all while you’re binging your fav show
  • I am the least flaky friend your follicles could have— you can count on me to rebalance your scalp’s ecosystem, reduce sebum and infuse hydration and strength into your hair whenever we hang out