Voir Haircare

Voir Haircare Rhythm of the Rain: Scalp Relief Premium Set


What I Am:

A beautiful ballad for your scalp and locks in 4 parts: I set the stage and exfoliate with Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay, then detoxify and rebalance in the second and third acts as the masque and serum pluck at your heartstrings—   don’t forget to massage away your tension (and dryness) with your scalp brush for the grand finale.

Why You’ll Love Me:

  • I’m a great gift for friends, family, and of course, you!
  • I have your scalp and strands covered from top to bottom in an easy to follow journey to rejuvenation; with over 60 natural minerals to fend off flakiness, I infuse total purification, detoxification and healing hydration to recharge your scalp, quickly absorbing into your locks and bringing them to life