Tamaar London

TAMAAR LONDON Advanced Natural Lightening Face Oil | 30 ml


For hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

This powerful active blend contains safe, natural skin lightening agents combined with Naolys Inside Light Poet’s Narcissus® which is an innovative strain of plant cells from a legendary plant – poet’s narcissus.

100% whole pure plant cells deliver the highest amount of original active molecules, proven to prevent and reduce blemishes and lighten skin tone, due to its action on different stages of melanogenesis.

It also contains Summer Snowflake Extract which regulates the production of melanin and slows down the ageing of your skin. This leaves your skin looking smooth and feeling radiant.

Key Active Ingredients

Naolys Inside Light Poets Narcissus® | Annatto Seed | Turmeric Root Oil | Holy Basil | Rosehip | Gotu Kola