VETIVERT & CO Organic Rosehip Oil: Skin Nutrient Concentrate 30ml


A Potent and bio available form of Cold-Pressed Organic Rosehip oil .Our oil has ZERO additives and a light characteristic floral scent.

Our Organic Rosehip Skin Nutrient Concentrate is Our Superhero Product because of its skin transforming properties,

30ML/ 1 fl0z


All Skin Types incl Sensitive Skin


Key Actives:

Rosehip oil has a unique nutrient profile which makes it a multipurpose and potent Skin repairing oil.

Rosehip Is rich in Essential Fatty acids, Omega 3,6& 9. These fatty acids nourish your skin on a cellular level and visibly improve texture and hydration levels.

This makes Rosehip Suitable for sensitive skin, and those sensitive to essential oils. It can also provide relief in calming inflammation , redness and aid in soothing skin with Eczema , psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Organic Source
Our Organic Rosehip is sourced from Suppliers Accredited by the Soil Association which mean that the oil has been sourced from plants cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides, Genetic Modification and other practices which may reduce the nutrient profile of the Plant and the oil derived from it.

Cold Pressed

This rosehip oil is obtained by Cold pressing the Rosehip fruit & seed, ensuring that none of the vital and active nutrients are destroyed by heat during the process of extraction. This also means it retains its lovely red-orange color.

Unique Nutrient Profile

Organic Rosehip is Naturally rich in Vitamins, C, A and E, Beta Carotenes and Anti-oxidants, all of which work synergistically to Brighten, protect ,rejuvenate and heal your skin.

Organic Rosehip naturally contains Trans-Retinoic Acid, which Is a key biologically active component of Organic Rosehip oil.

Trans-Retionic Acid is a delicate compound known for its regenerative properties on the skin ( i.e it increases cell turnover, revealing smooth and fresh skin).


'Sweep gently over cheeks, chin and forehead and underneath the eyes, allowing the rollerball to give your skin a light massage. Pat into the skin to allow the oil to fully absorb.

This oil can be used underneath a moisturizer or before a serum.

Use daily for best results


A light floral aroma characteristic of Organic Rosehip


'This Product is not Tested on animals.
Made with 100% Natural Cold Pressed, Organic Rosehip Oil.
Fragrance free
Free from Fillers and additives. Suitable for Vegans


 Organic Rosa Canina (Rosehip seed & Fruit) oil